Marcus Garvey Apartments, Brooklyn, NY

This 625-unit income-restricted apartment complex was a partnership among owner L+M, Demand Energy, and utility Con Edison. Fully occupied, the complex provides a model for how cities can integrate localized energy projects to boost affordability and create resilience.

Ten residents completed the first 16-week on-site construction training course, built a youth clubhouse, and will receive job placement assistance. The integrated microgrid approach is delivering expected value to utility and seen by energy developer (Enel X) as future of energy market. Solar lowers property’s energy costs, augmented by savings from peak shaving from battery reducing demand charges and Demand Response program participation.

  • Incentives from NYSERDA Solar and Multifamily Performance, and Con Ed BQDM Demand Management programs
  • Integrated solar, fuel cell, DR, batteries, connected to grid•Allows operation in islanding mode during outages to power community center
  • Monthly savings on campus-wide demand charges reduce resident bills
  • PPA reduces peak demand and allowed Con Ed to defer building a $1.2 Billion Brownsville substation
  • Clean energy resources support state goals