Affordable Senior Housing, Bristol, CT

Two former school properties were converted to LMI senior housing. Utilities are included in tenants’ rents which are lower due to geothermal HVAC, co-generation units, and on-site solar. However, because the roofs could not support solar PV the developers, AEG Solutions, designed a novel Solar Aquaponic Greenhouse. 

Among the innovations are a double-sided solar panel that captures light from the greenhouse lighting and is also insulation; and solar thermal hot water being produced by capturing the heat under the LUMA solar steel roof system.

  • Solar Aquaponic Greenhouses take up less space on properties, allow for more solar PV per square foot of area than ground mount systems, and use less than ½ power needed by traditional greenhouses 
  • Solar generates enough energy to power greenhouse + entire apartment complex. Unit 1 is due to go online Feb. 2020, Unit 2 in spring of 2020, and a third to be built in OceolaTownship, Michigan
  • Residents will be able buy fresh fish and produce at a steep discount with a portion donated to local food banks, with part-time job opportunities for active seniors
  • SunshotSolar in Your Community Challengeprogram funding activated public private partnership