Outreach for the PowerCents DC Pilot

To the Point was first engaged in 2010 to write a case study of PowerCentsDC: A Model for Stakeholder Collaboration published by the National Action Plan Coalition. This narrative case study, LINK TO THE PUBLICATION, examined the behind-the-scenes collaboration among the consumer advocates, regulators, utility, and the union and raises discussion questions for other jurisdictions to apply to their own situation. Subsequently in 2011, SMPPI, the non-profit that managed the PowerCentsDC dynamic pricing pilot in Washington, D.C. engaged To the Point to develop a video series targeted to a range of audiences including a case study, lessons learned about energy literacy, a consumer education piece, and this trailer  that features consumer participants.

In May 2012, TTP prototyped a one-day Energy Literacy workshop on behalf of SMPPI. Over 40 people, representing 20 different organizations, shared ideas and discussed how dynamic pricing, smart grid, and renewables can be relevant topics for consituents of CBOs ranging from national groups like AARP and the Sierra Club to small local faith-based and family support organizations.  An online toolkit including presentations, images to be used in collateral, and video productions was also developed for the attendees.