Solution Providers

Wellhead Electric Company

Wellhead’s Hybrid EGT products helps overcome operational challenges caused by intermittency in renewable generation. Supporting customer expectations to provide safe, reliable, affordable, and clean power while upgrading and modernizing the grid, each project not only reduces costs, it also cuts greenhouse gas (GHG) and particulate emissions up to 60% and each installation will save about …

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Camus Energy

Camus Energy is building Mimo, an open source software system, which is free for distribution grid operators. Mimo provides a grid edge orchestrator and uses machine learning algorithms to optimize whole ecosystems of distributed energy resources (DERs) in real time. It aligns demand with supply of intermittent renewables, and smooths load between day and night. Mimo provides a transactive energy …

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Pintail Power

Pintail Power’s large-scale, long-duration hybrid storage Liquid Salt Combined Cycle (LSCC) technology can deliver least-cost and best-fit solutions for integrating renewable energy with the utility grid to increase efficiency, capacity, flexibility, reliability, and utilization of grid and generation assets, cutting carbon immediately by 50%. By novel integration of thermal energy storage with gas turbines, the company’s …

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